Become A Trainer

Build your career at Reign by building your Brand. Reign Training Facility is an exclusive training facility located in Corona, CA. Train your clients, conduct group classes, 24/7 access to a clean, private, and complete gym in a prime, high-traffic location. Reign offers Trainers In-house marketing support to help our Trainers gain more clients. No Corporate chains, 100% your Brand.

What Reign provides to our trainers:

  • 24/7 gym access with your own key to Reign!
  • The best & newest equipment for ANY type of workout!
  • Conduct group classes!
  • We provide Branding & Trainer marketing support!
  • Private, Clean, & Complete gym!
Best Equipment

Reign Training Facility offers the best & newest equipment with 24/7 access to our trainers.

Marketing Support

Reign Training Facility offers Branding support with 4k HD videos & photos for our Trainers.

Prime Location

Reign Training Facility is located in Dos Lagos, Corona, CA. A prime location for clients.

Trainer Support

Reign Training Facility is doing what no other gym in the area does. By offering In-house marketing & content creation for our Trainers. Helping Trainers get more Clients and drive Brand Awareness.

Build Your Brand

We Help You With:

  • Strategies to get more Clients
  • Retention Strategies to keep Clients
  • Word to mouth Brand Awareness strategies
  • Social Media Marketing & Branding help
In-House Marketing

What We Provide:

  • FREE HD, 4K photos & videos to promote Trainers!
  • FREE monthly & one-on-one meetings with Hustle Media Group to create a Branding plan to get more Clients & Revenue.
  • FREE Online & Social Media Trainer promotion
  • ​24/7 Trainer Support

We offer Branding & Marketing strategies for Trainers to take their Brand to the next level. Content is key and it isn’t cheap. Get UNLIMITED content for FREE as a trainer at Reign and promote your Personal Training Brand!

Become A Trainer

Apply Online or In-Gym! Call or Email us with any questions. Train better.

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